Foreign Experts Advisory Committee
Proposals Title:
On China’s trade friction with some countries in solar photovoltaic industry and proposal for promotion of domestic application.

China has been the country encountering most of anti-dumping investigations over the past 16 years, and most of anti-subsidies investigations over the past 5 years.  90% of solar photovoltaic products in China are exported, but the industry is pressured by US and EU anti-dumping/anti-subsidies investigations. What are the countermeasures that China should take to reduce and prevent these trade frictions, as well as increasing the domestic consumption?

New Proposals
Note :
1. You are encouraged to focus on the topics by SAFEA Team which would help you make the proposal more relevant to the concerns of the central leadership.
2. The proposal is expected to consist of the background information, problem finding, analysis and resolution.
3. The problems to be addressed should be related to relevant policy and strategic development.
4. The introduction of international practice or advanced expertise is encouraged.
5. Proposed resolution should be specific and operational.
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