Foreign Experts Advisory Committee
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On urbanization

China’s urbanization has reached a level of over 50%, while the figures are among 70-80% in developed countries. However, with increasingly serious pollution of water resources, there are about 360 million people in rural area having no qualified drinking water. China is facing series of problems like shortage of arable land, water, energy and immigration management.

What lessons and experiences can China learn from the experience of other countries in the process of urbanization?

New Proposals
Note :
1. You are encouraged to focus on the topics by SAFEA Team which would help you make the proposal more relevant to the concerns of the central leadership.
2. The proposal is expected to consist of the background information, problem finding, analysis and resolution.
3. The problems to be addressed should be related to relevant policy and strategic development.
4. The introduction of international practice or advanced expertise is encouraged.
5. Proposed resolution should be specific and operational.
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