Foreign Experts Advisory Committee
Dennis Raymond John Scott
Gender : Male
Email :
Nationality : United Kingdom
University : Lancaster
Employer : COMAC
Current Location : In China
Introduction :
  • I have over 34 years of experience, working with many industry leading aircraft manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers.
  • Companies have included Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, BAe, Fairchild Dornier and Rolls Royce.
  • Recent projects have included the Airbus A380, A400M, A350 and Boeing B787 commercial aircraft programmes.
  • Extensive technical and management experience in the design, development, certification and manufacture of civil aircraft, including their structures and systems.
  • The above activities have taken me on a global journey, with periods living and working in diverse parts of the world (UK, Israel, South Africa, many parts of Europe) and extensive business travel to the USA, Canada, South America and Asia.
  • I have been employed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC) since August 2011.
  • <span 1.6em;"="">My main activities at COMAC are:-
  1. I am supporting the two ongoing aircraft development projects (ARJ-21 and C919,) by interfacing with aircraft engineering and project/supplier management teams at all levels, providing guidance, training and facilitation.
  2. I advise the COMAC leadership on overall company strategy and operational improvements. This includes the introduction of a matrix organization and Integrated Project/Project Teams (IPTs) across the business.
  3. Part of my role is to identify and resolve capability gaps along with the harmonization of the Chinese working culture with industry best practice, tools and processes.
Interest :

1.   Western verses Chinese mindset.

I have a great interest in understanding the differences in the cultural and working mindsets between western companies and that operating within Government Owned Enterprises (GOEs) in China.

Despite my prior exposure to many different living and working cultures, I have had only limited success in introducing proven methods, processes and tools into COMAC, and I needed to understand why.

Whilst I continue to learn more of the intricacies of Chinese behaviour and relationships, I do believe I have grasped some fundamental characteristics which has modified my thinking significantly. I have realised the need to overlay the industry best practice with the local mindset to customise appropriately. Just as important is to present the resulting operational change in a form compatible with individual priorities. Despite the perceived need to gain consensus, it is the individual acceptance that is most important.

<span 1.6em;"="">2.   Accelerated Training Programmes.

Within the civil aircraft industry in China, there is a significant experience gap to the established western companies. This is to be expected as COMAC was only established in 2008, whearas western companies have 40, 50 and in some cases over 60 years of previous experience to build on for their ongoing activities.

Hence, I see the oportunity for Overseas Experts to act as trainers and facilitators to accelerate the learning process. This is not about academic or text book training, the COMAC employees are already very well qualified. It is the lack of understanding of the application of the industry standards, regulations and processes that is missing. Thus, such training would be "real world", on the job based, transfering lessons learned and establishing reference/guidance material. Not least would be the dealing with the cultural, mindset and company operational differences discussed earlier. 

I see much of this format to be transferable to other companies and industries, particularly if GOEs are involved. Hence, I believe there is a business opportunity in addition to the real need of developing local capability.

I am currently formulating a proposal to create such a training "academy" to service the aviation industry in China, beginning with the needs of COMAC.


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