Foreign Experts Advisory Committee
Airaldo Piva
Gender : Male
Email :
Nationality : Italy
University : Catholic University of Milan
Employer : Hengdian Group
Current Location : Out of China
Introduction :

PIVA Airaldo, was born in Milan (Italy) in 1963. He is at present Managing Director of  Hengdian Group Europe,  European branch of Hengdian Group (Zhejiang), one of the largest and dynamic Chinese group (more then 200 companies, 55.000 employees and turnover exceeding 5 billions Usd.) .

Mr.Piva got the degree in Economics and International Business at Catholic University of Milan. After a period at Italian Police and some management courses at San Diego State University, he joint the Italian branch of Sumitomo Corporation (Japanese Group) as director assistant. In 1999 he has been appointed as European Leader for the business development with China. In 2000, after the spin off of pharmaceutical business and creation of a new company names Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe,  mr.Piva become the Managing Director.

In January 2007, mainly due to his positive feeling and respect for China, he decided to leave Sumitomo and to create and join Hengdian Group  Europe, with the main task to help the companies part of Hengdian Group in their marketing activities in Europe so to make them more competitive for the “non price” factors (communications, service, R&D etc). Considering his position and diversified activities of HG, he must have multi-disciplinary mind as he has to deal with different sectors like electronic, pharmaceuticals, composite materials, entertainment, investments etc..  Mr.Piva is helping the group also in their retail business selecting and fixing agreements with some luxury European companies in search to expand their retail business in China and to favourite the know how transfer between China and Europe. Consequently he is often engaged in many missions from Europe to China and vice-versa.

Inside Hengdian Group, reporting directly to the chairman, he also gives his opinion and advises for possible direct investments in Europe.

In the movie and entertainment field, one of his main task is to select and promote International co-production projects between Chinese and European companies.

During his career he joint many management and International marketing courses held in Europe, in US and in Japan.

In July 2008 he got the (first) honorary Citizen Award from Hengdian City and in the September 2009 the Zhejiang government gave him the prestigious West Lake Friendship Award for his contribution for the good business relation between Zhejiang and Europe.In September 2010 he was honoured by Beijing government with the National Friendship Award, which is highest award for foreign persons who have made outstanding contributions to the country's economic and social progress.

He has some stable cooperation with Zhejiang government for sharing some advises about management and general issues.

Mr. Piva has a very strong belief that the culture must have the supremacy in European  relation with China. The business, the economy, the finance etc. are obviously important to contribute to the progress of our countries but comparing the culture, they are mutable  and unpredictable.  The business itself if not sustained by the culture produces only something volatile and to be later trashed. The culture is the only capable to create the condition of a reciprocal dialogue and mutual understanding in a steady way.

Under this way of thinking, mr.Piva beside his own business activity as M.D. of HG Europe, he gave to his contribution at the following association:

  • Catholic University of Milan and Politecnico of Milan for exchange of students programme with Zhejiang University.
  • Istituto Matteo Ricci of Macerata (conferences and articles for books)
  • Exhibitions, conferences etc. with different European institutions (for instance at present he is arranging an exhibitions of photos of a famous photograph from Anhui province to be held possibly in London)
  • HKUST for Asian family business and entrepreneurship studies

Since 2008. mr.Piva is often invited to have speeches about  ‘’Chinese Management and Leadership’’ at Italian Universities to talk about the key Chinese concepts about management and to share his experience in working for a Chinese company to European students. During his lesson he introduce concepts like ‘’Zheng Ti Guan Nian’’, ‘’Guang Xi’’ “Jun  Jun Chen Chen Fu Fu Zi Zi’’ , ‘’Wu Wei Er Zhi’’ etc. as many students here in Europe have sometimes wrong information about China and Chinese culture

Interest :

- Corporate governance

- Internationalization of Chinese Family companies

- Movie industry

- in general, cultural exchange between China and Europe.

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